Why KoT feels Jalang’o dry jokes will sink Kiss FM’s morning show!

Rumor making rounds on social media is that Jalang’o might be joining kiss FM to host the morning breakfast show alongside Kamene Goro!

The rumors were sparked by an interview he recently did through his YouTube channel; where he revealed about his plans of joining a radio station along Waiyaki way.

  I might end up on Waiyaki way. And there are so many radio stations there is NRG, Jambo, KISS, classic…will decided!

Barely a week after this, Andrew Kibe who was  working as Kiss FM morning host with Kamene was shown the door on Monday, 30 June. According to reports this decision was made after Kibe started joking with his place of work i.e showing up late and attracting bad publicity.

Jalang’o with his posh ride

Confirming news about his exit from the station; Kibe went on to write;

Its been real watu Nduyas.i will miss all your nonsense in the morning @Kamene Goro @Kiss100kenya #kameneandkibe

KoT against Jalang’o

Well now that Jalang’o already mentioned about joining a radio station along Waiyaki way; many Kenyans on Twitter are convinced that he is headed for Kiss FM.

However turns out that most Kenyans on Twitter were not impressed by this. This is because most term Jalang’os jokes as old and dry – meaning they belong to an older audience!

Some few fans also went on to add that Kibe did a better job than Jalang’o will ever do that is if he is joining Kiss FM.

But even with the few critics speaking for the KoT community; there are those who defended Jalang’o reminding of the time he worked with Caroline Mutoko and how successful their morning show was. One fan by the name of Brian Mwenga defended Jalang’o saying;

Jalango started his radio career at Kiss with Caroline Mutoko for many years, what makes you think he can’t fit anymore? In fact I think he’s more experienced and with a lot of content everywhere he goes he wins big.

Well, we cannot really


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