Judge Barrett will have to provide a financial disclosure form detailing her assets. And the committee was contemplating additional document requests based on the nominee’s time on the faculty at Notre Dame.

Both sides were quickly bringing on extra help, with close to 20 lawyers and law clerks temporarily joining the committee between the Democrats and Republicans. The additions were reported earlier by Politico.

An F.B.I. investigation into Judge Barrett’s background, a standard part of the confirmation process, was also expected to begin, congressional aides said. F.B.I. agents would typically interview associates of Judge Barrett to report to the White House, and eventually the Senate, whether she poses any national security threat to the United States. The investigation is not intended to determine whether any nominee is qualified for the position, and it would most likely build on a similar scrub conducted three years ago when Judge Barrett was first nominated for the federal bench.

In the Senate, Republicans and Democrats spent the past few days combing through hundreds of Judge Barrett’s legal decisions from three years on the federal bench, as well as earlier scholarly work.

Democrats, who plan to focus the majority of their energy on Judge Barrett’s view of the Affordable Care Act, were intensely interested in a pair of clippings for clues as to how she might rule: a 2017 law review article by Judge Barrett criticizing Chief Justice John G. Roberts Jr.’s 2012 opinion upholding one of the health law’s key provisions and a 2015 public radio interview in which she again appeared critical of the court when it ruled that the health law allowed the government to use tax subsidies to assist poor and middle-class people in buying health insurance.

They also planned to highlight her dissent in a 2019 gun rights case in which Judge Barrett wrote that she would have narrowed a federal law prohibiting convicted felons from owning guns. The ruling, Democrats are prepared to argue, also implies that Judge Barrett believes voting rights can be more easily stripped than the right to bear arms.

Republicans, meanwhile, began rolling out customary lists of endorsements from across the legal profession. On Monday, the Republican Attorneys General Association lent its support in a video calling Judge Barrett “an exemplary jurist, an extraordinary mother, accomplished, honest, hardworking.”

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