The House Business Committee wants ousted Kirinyaga governor Ann Waiguru to face the Senate plenary when her impeachment case is presented before it, as was the case with Kiambu’s Ferdinand Waititu.

Governor Ann Waiguru was impeached by Kirinyaga County MCAs on among other charges, embezzlement of county funds and abuse of office. The impeachment was dramatic, given the various attempts she made to scuttle it.




 After the High Court declined to nullify Waiguru’s impeachment on Thursday, a new battlefront has opened on whether she is to face the plenary due to the precedence set in the Waititu impeachment case or special favour will be done to her that would see her case be heard and determined by a Special Committee.

Shadowy forces determined to overturn the much-welcome impeachment are counting on the formation of a special committee that would be manipulated in her favour and consequently vote to quash the Kirinyaga County Assembly’s vote. Their biggest fear is that owing to the governor’s known record with corruption cases, coupled with her confrontational and abrasive politics, she stands very slim chances of surviving a whole plenary.




The question most Kenyans are asking is whether the Senate’s leadership will follow their set precedence and let Waiguru face all the senators or special favour will be accorded to her, at the expense of the house’s integrity.

Ousted governor Ann Waiguru

Already, voices from the civil society and even the business class have expressed their expectation that due set process will be followed by the house leadership headed by The Majority Leader Senator Pogoshio, Majority Whip Senator Kangáta and Minority Whip James Orengo so that the Senate asserts its oversight position in matters that affect counties and devolution.




The House committee, in its recommendation, notes that allowing Waiguru’s case to steer off from the already set plenary precedence would paint a bad picture of the Senate, especially at a time when the issue of accountability for devolved funds is a matter of national concern given the President’s renewed push to fight corruption.

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“It would be unfair if we got back to the same argument that we had during governor Waititu’s impeachment. It went the plenary way and precedence was set, let us stick by it so that Kenyans know that the Senate is a house of precedence and order,” a member of the Senate Business Committee revealed.

Following the celebrations and popular protests witnessed in Kirinyaga after Waiguru was impeached, and the relief on social media, it is beyond doubt that Kenyans are tired of corrupt leaders and want to see just processed when they are on trial.







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