Siaya Governor Cornell Rasanga has ow revealed that his loyalty to Raila has paid a lot and no EACC officials has been on his neck.

Rasanga who talked to the local blog urged Okoth Obado to be humble and apologize to Raila before things get tough on his side.




He said that his county he has been implicated in several corruption allegations but Raila has always intervened and EACC officials have never asked questions again. He urged Obado to copy the trend respect Raila, he could not be facing such grave allegations.

The Governor who is now in his second term has been accused of using taxpayers’ money to purchase plane tickets for his family members in the course of three years.




In a report forwarded to the DPP, Mr Rasanga is among other County Government Officers approved for prosecution over the awarding of benefits warranting abuse of office.

In another instance, the Governor was also on the spot for irregular award of Tender to build a structure at the County Headquarters grounds.




He is reported to have approved the construction of a pre-fabricated building at Ksh22.5 million when the budget had been estimated at Ksh21.6 million.

The report further reveals that officials from the Siaya county did not follow due procedures as outlined in Procurement laws.




In August this year, the Governor also faced claims over embezzling money meant for a bursary in the 2017/2018 financial year.

But all these seemed to have fallen in deaf years as until now Rasanga has never been prosecuted!




Rasanga in a statement to the newsroom, urged Obado to reconcile with Raila to avoid issues.

“Obado should visit Raila and reconcile, or else he will be impeached with immediate effect, i know Raila is a good man and ready to listen.” He said




Obado is now fighting impeachment, a day after he was freed on bond in a graft case on Monday

ODM, his sponsoring party, directed his removal from office after a long meeting with MCAs on Tuesday, citing the graft charges he is facing. ODM chairman John Mbadi told journalists they had to make the tough decision as having him stay in office would betray the party’s position in the war against corruption. 

Mbadi said Obado’s bail terms technically make it impossible for the governor to carry out his constitutional mandate.

“We have consulted with the MCAs and we need to take a painful decision to have the Migori governor impeached,” Mbadi said.

“MCAs are going to take steps to have the governor impeached. We know it is not going to be easy. Why hold the county at ransom when you can’t be able to discharge your duty?” Mbadi asked.

The meeting that started at 1pm and went into the evening was attended by 37 out of 41 ODM legislators.

The Suba South MP noted that they were on the horns of a dilemma – o have the deputy governor act or opt for removal. They resolved, however, to follow the removal route given that an acting deputy governor would be a lame duck in making critical decisions.

“The DG has been denied access and even [his] official vehicle has been taken away,” Mbadi said.

Nelson Mahanga is media-shy  and was picked to be Obado’s deputy in 2013 by elders of his minority Kuria community running on the little-known Peoples Democratic Party ticket.

If the censure and impeachment motion against Obado prevails, then the minority Kuria community would have its first opportunity to produce a governor, something that has been a tall order given their numbers.

Out of the eight constituencies in Migori, the Kuria community only occupies two —Kuria East and West.

The resolution to have Obado impeached was, however, not unanimous as the Star established that a section of the MCAs was opposed to what they termed coercion by the party. They instead asked for more time to consider the matter.

Some MCAs who talked to the Star claimed the governor’s perceived close links with Deputy President William Ruto and past rebellion against the ODM leadership have come back to haunt him.

The MCAS met in Nairobi for what was termed development consultative meeting, but Obado said it was an impeachment drive amid mounting legal woes.

Obado directly accused ODM of plotting to impeach him before 2022.

Speaking extensively during a popular vernacular radio talk show, Obado accused ODM of acting in bad faith, citing the Tuesday summoning of all Migori MCAs that he called politically instigated.

The architects of the impeachment, he claimed, met last Sunday and discussed it at length.

“Since 2013, there is no day Migori MCAs have been summoned [by the party] for a meeting. It only happens after the Sunday meeting,” Obado said.

“They think if I stay (as governor) for the next two years, then I will go to Sugoi [Deputy President William Ruto home]. There is a person who is pushing this divisive agenda,” he said.

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