Residents of Syokimau were treated to a free scene after one man identified as Vijey was caught red-handed under the sheets with a neighbour’s wife.

The man was captured; thanks to medicine man Sham Patel who has vowed to expunge infidelity from the society by setting such type of traps.

Patel said the culprit’s wife had visited him following frustration from his husband that she loved so much but all he did was cheat on her with other women.

“This woman has been frequenting my office, crying to me for help. She wanted to prove the cheating allegations against her husband.

I was reluctant to help because she sounded like she was riding on rumours but when she persisted, I chose to help,” Daktari Patel told reporter after he claimed to have laid a trap that rounded up the lovebirds.

Powerful herb from Indian herbalist helps Kenyan woman catch cheating husband

Daktari Sham Patel at his working station. Photo: Sham Patel.
Source: UGC

The native doctor added that he gave Vijey’s wife Maya a special cream with a powerful spell and instructed her to apply around her private part.

She also directed her to introduce some other potion in her hubby’s bathing water.

Three days later Vijey was busted in the act shamelessly enjoying water from another man’s well.

“I suspected my husband was involved with our immediate neighbour but I wanted substantial evidence to be able to confront him.

I called Daktari Patel who arrived on time and helped separate them. I had established what i wanted to know,” said Maya.

Dr Sham Patel has received remarkable recognition in several towns in Asia and Africa for catching cheating spouses and also solving complicated and dying relationships.

He is a guru at in nabbing thieves, recovering stolen property, boosting businesses that are doing badly, influencing court cases and issuing love portions.

Powerful herb from Indian herbalist helps Kenyan woman catch cheating husband

The herbalist has an assortment of herbs that treat most stubborn diseases. Photo: Sham Patel.
Source: UGC

He has medicine that has overwhelmingly proved to work when it comes to enlargement of manhood, boosting libido and increasing fertility levels both in men and women.

He is able to manage asthma, epilepsy, cancer among other chronic diseases.

Dr Patel has offices in India, South Africa, Kenya, Uganda and Nigeria.

Contact him now on 0722766626 and find a solution to your problem.


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