To the Editor:

Re “Tom Seaver, 1944-2020: For Generations of Mets Fans, He Was Simply ‘the Franchise’” (front page, Sept. 3):

As a lifelong Yankee fan, I believed that Tom Seaver spent the first decade of his career with the wrong New York team, but even I had to respect his greatness. The magic was in that thick lower torso, which generated such enormous power, and the stride that seemed to carry him halfway to the plate before the ball was released from his hand.

And even though he left New York in 1977 and would spend most of the balance of his baseball life in other uniforms, Tom Seaver will forever be a Met. His legacy was secured in 1969, when a team that had foundered before his arrival in one sudden burst miraculously became the best there was, winning the World Series.

Our sports heroes never grow old in our minds, and half a century later Tom Seaver’s luminous talent remains a vivid image for those privileged to have witnessed his long-shining star.

Tom was indeed terrific.

Robert S. Nussbaum
Great Barrington, Mass.

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