A Kenyan crime family residing in Uganda is on the run after their racket was busted. Hassan Majed and Hasma Majed booker under CHA/RB/2406/2017 in Tanzania are being sought by police for theft and robbery.

According to information availed to Kenya Insights, The Ugandan police arrested the mother of Haisam, it now appears they work in the cartel as a family including a sibling Asfura Dhalal or Talal. Their passports were confiscated by the authorities.

Sources talking to Kenya Insights, intimates that they gang has been specifically targeting forex bureau and use unexplainable tactics(assumed to be witchcraft) to blind and rob cash from the counters.

According to documents and footages seem by Kenya Insights, and in possession of the Ugandan police. The gang has been taped robbing Access Forex Bureau, Capital Forex Bureau, Jetset Forex Bureau, Paksa Forex Bureau Kabagala, Destiny Forex, Guild Frank Forex, Sky Forex, and Lloyd Forex all in Uganda.

The gang has run into trouble with authorities in Uganda numerous times and are continuously saved by the Kenyan embassy lawyers in Kampala. According to documents seen by this site, Advocate Mark Muhami who’s attached to the Kenya’s embassy has been protecting and bailing them out in a move that our source alleges is a conspiracy.

Questions are now arising as to how the Kenyan embassy lawyers are in the frontline in protecting documented criminals in Uganda.

Information that we have is they were initially in Kenya and are currently using trucks to sneak into Uganda where they’ve manipulated the system and will get refuge.

The authorities can use the below identifications to detect and detain the suspects.


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