Silence is a strategy very people in the political limelight exploit but one which when used in context, is a very potent tool against detractors.

Perhaps Deputy President William Ruto’s fathoms this and thus his think tank is designing a stratagem for his political comeback that will keep his State House ambitions ablaze against an acerbic onslaught by President Uhuru Kenyatta.

His thinkers are working on an elaborate strategy to counter Uhuru’s political war against his Principal Assistant.

Part of the strategy will see the DP snub key national events, maintain a studious silence and tone down attacks on his perceived political enemies as he explores his tough political options.

Intimate sources revealed that Ruto is determined to pull a political shocker that will shudder the country’s political landscape in the face of a radical shift triggered by Opposition leader Raila Odinga.

Ruto who has remained studiously mum even as Uhuru and his circle strip him off viable and extended powers is said to be working on strategic timing for his “reaction” to turn tables on his rivals.

Whatever the strategies he is set to put in place, he is aiming at reversing the game and having a down-up political support mechanism that is backed by ordinary people in the grassroots , streets and lowly settlements.

He is also planning to skip State functions and might be a no-show in the planned State of the National Address by President Uhuru Kenyatta in Parliament mid-next month.

The Constitution obliges the President to address Parliament at least once a year to table his scorecard and outline his agenda for the country as well as update the bicameral House on international obligations.

There is also a plan to send out mixed reactions about his 2022 political ambitions amid reports he could open his doors wide for the creation of new alliances.

The DP ordered lawmakers who are his allies to take a lead role in distributing food to vulnerable families in their respective electoral areas and even offered to dispatch millions in food items to support them.

The Ruto Foundation is donating food items parallel to the government systems that use provincial administrators in a move that has sparked uproar from targeted beneficiaries.

Ruto wants to earn massive political capital by ultimately disassociating himself with any government plunders during this Covid-19 pandemic.

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