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‘Power Book II: Ghost’
When to watch: Sunday at 9 p.m., on Starz.

“Power,” a moody, glitzy, kinetic show about a drug dealer, Ghost, who is trying to go straight (does that ever work?), ended in February after six seasons, with a big revelation and a surprise arrest. This spinoff series, the first of an announced four, picks up immediately, with Ghost’s son, Tariq (Michael Rainey Jr.), shouldering a full college course load and entangling himself in some very adult problems. So think “grown-ish”or “A Different World,” but with more murder.

Fans who miss characters from the original series will like the spinoff’s strong supporting cast, which includes Clifford Smith, known as Method Man, as a defense lawyer, and Mary J. Blige as the head of a crime family.

‘The Boys’
When to watch: Season 2 starts Friday, on Amazon Prime Video.

How you feel about “The Boys” will depend on your appetite for ultraviolence. If you can stomach the gore, then stick around for this dark satire of hero comics and hero worship. It’s extremely tongue-in-cheek as long as you assume that cheek has suffered a machete wound. Season 2 continues the clash between the Seven, a gang of camera-ready superheroes, or “supes,” who really bring home the “power corrupts” idea, and the Boys, a group of low-grade vigilantes set on bringing them down.

This season, Aya Cash joins as Stormfront, a media-savvy supe with an especially unsavory agenda. The first three episodes drop on Friday, with the next five doled out weekly, giving you a chance to shower in between the blood baths.

When to watch: Arrives Friday, on Netflix.

Where has Hilary Swank been the past few years? En route to Mars. This 10-episode drama stars Swank as Emma Green, the mission commander on the first manned (womanned?) mission to Mars.

In space, disaster lurks around every asteroid. Back on earth, Emma’s husband (Josh Charles) and their daughter (Talitha Bateman) face their own crises. Should Emma complete her mission or return home to care for her family? Working moms have it rough! Swank, backed by a nifty international cast, commits with her usual live-wire intensity. But the vibe remains gloomy and the heart-wringing, like the vast expanse outside the shuttle, goes on and on and on. Guess you can cry in space.

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