COVID-19 has hit one of Vivo Energy-owned Shell Filling Station in Eastleigh and Kenyan Bulletin has recieved insider information of an alleged cover-up.

Health CS Kagwe has been trending with his popular phrase “everyone can gerrit”, there is no shame in conducting the virus but it is absolutely sickening if a positive case is handled with negligence.

How many people transacts with filling stations? Your guess is as good as mine, lets not fuel communal transmission of this novel virus.

Shell Station Opposite Eastleigh High

Information coming from the site station employees.

It is apparent that covid-19 would hit a multinational company due to greed to achieve its number in the back of push from its shareholders.

It has been confirmed that one of the SHELL Station in eastleigh-kenya next to Eastleigh high school has been hit by Covid-19.

The manager has been confirmed infected the station staff and the management of Vivoenergy are trying to cover up the situation due to reputation greed.

Shell isn’t the life of Kenyans who work under your brand good enough to be protected?

The station should be closed for sanitization and fumigation to be done.

I feel for the station staff and sales team who frequent the station as they might be infected leading to the whole organisation and their families infection.

Last year, A Kenyan on twitter had accused the same management of fraud. Vivoenergy did not respond to this allegations

Stop the greed adress the issues,let not the front soldier be exposed. Everybody should be working from home.

Shell is a good station but I now fear fueling there despite the masks and the Robot like face shields they wear…The infection is there…

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