The Technical University of Munich Fully Funded Scholarships in Germany: Review & Guide on Applying for 100% Free Tuition

The University of Munich is located in the third-largest city in Germany. One thing that comes to mind when it comes to the University of Munich is the fact that it is considered one of the top leading research universities in the world. Top Universities rated the university of Munich #55 in the world. This definitely says so much about the quality of the institution. The University of Munich is also considered one of the leading diverse institutions not only in Europe but in the world. To encourage academic pursuits and excellence, especially with real-world experiences, the students at TUM are motivated to conduct experiments in their different fields and also to conduct their own individual research with the assistance of the institution’s renowned faculty members.

TUM does this process by collecting interested members during the summers, this list includes undergraduates, and you may gain experience by practicing some form of practicum, where you ma

y have to go into private business and other establishments, and share the experiences from the journey with others, thereby making it a research-based experience. Furthermore, to expands on the prestigious teaching curriculum nature of TUM, it made it such a rewarding opportunity made accessible to any students by providing them with fully-funded scholarships.

100 Free-Funded Scholarships at Technical University of Munich

The process that TUM takes in awarding students s connected with their capability to grant students scholarships largely based on their ability and not solely on financial status. TUM has also been at the forefront of following the standard practice of many universities located in Europe, by ensuring they provide more financial backing to students and decrease student loans. However, there is still the requirement for a little entrance fee at the start of each semester. To find out more about other scholarship opportunities in Germany, click here.

For every admitted and also this extends to current students of TUM, you would be required to pay about 130 Euros per Semester ($150), at the entrance, which ultimately opens up the opportunity to be able to qualify for these fully-funded scholarships. The fee, itself, is not horrible compared to what you stand to benefit if given the chance. Additionally, compared to other universities located in the U.S, and Canada, this fee is nothing compared to the charges that you get in North America.

To Apply for TUM’s Fully-Funded Scholarships, Click Here.

If you would like to proceed with the application to study at the University of Munich, Germany, (TUM ) has made it tuition fees, however, you have to also put living costs, food, fares, room, and board, and of course, transportation fees and living standards. Compared to other popular student destinations of other countries, living in Germany is less expensive; however, the other expenses you may incur all depend on your decisions as to how you would like to live.

The one thing that you should know though, is that one of your major costs will be your monthly rent, following that would be your groceries and other expenses. Then it trickles down to other essentials. If you are financially strapped, then deciding how you may find a place near campus, which could drastically lower your cost of living. Reason being that moving closer to campus can definitely help you save money in many areas, especially since you do not have to worry about paying for your transportation from one end to the other.

To Learn More About the Average Cost of Living in Germany for Students, Click Here

Technical University of Munich’s Scholarships

One step that TUM has done to help international students, is that it has created a plethora of scholarships that are based on a variety of factors, such as need-based, academic, merit and more. If you do have a financial need that has made it quite cumbersome to get the information you need and do have great academic records, you may be eligible for one-time scholarship support, that is designated just for international students who are in a financial fix. This is just one of the many scholarship opportunities offered by TUM.

It is important to note that you may also apply for scholarship opportunities that are offered by non-governmental agencies and other companies and local companies as your backup funding sources. As mentioned earlier, you can apply to as many scholarships you desire. You may take advantage of this information on diverse scholarships provided. We have listed the information and links to help you apply to these scholarships designed for international students directly.

1Full List of Scholarships for International Students

It is important to understand that although TUM has great scholarship opportunities for students, be aware that you may be required to be enrolled in their school first before you finally get this scholarship. Think about it, if you got a scholarship award to attend a given school, and you later found out it was not going to work because you did not get admitted. So to ensure this does not happen, it is always advisable to pursue the school’s admission first. After acceptance, then you can proceed to get your scholarship which helps to cover your costs while you’re in college.

Eligibility Requirements for International Students

  • You should be an International Student meaning: (Not a Citizen of Germany)
  • Secondly, You Should be either one of the following
    • You are enrolled in for a Bachelor’s Degree
    • You’re enrolled in a Master’s Degree program
  • Thirdly, you have submitted your Bachelor’s or Master’s Thesis
  • You have excellent academic records
  • Last, but not the least, you have shown you have financial needs.

Always remember that you can apply during the first day of your first semester if you have completed your Bachelor’s or Master’s degrees.

For More Information Regarding International Scholarships, Click Here.

If you’re an international student that wants to study in TUM for the very first time, there is still an opportunity for TUM scholarships. There are a number of scholarship programs that are available for international students, both bachelor’s and master’s degree pursuing students as well The first step would be to begin exploring funding opportunities from the inception. Be aware that TUM scholarships are great for students, especially when it comes to starting a new application.

For Additional TUM Scholarships, Click Here.

How to Apply to TUM as an International Student

The application procedure at TUM is very self-explanatory and as such, we make it easier for the applicant to be able to do the applications on their own without any issues whatsoever. You can check the degrees that are offered at this link to find out more about details on individual degrees.

TUM Plans to Work-Study and Internship Opportunities

For extra opportunities to earn extra incomes for international students, TUM has created many work-study positions other opportunities that are considered paid internship opportunities. This is done through its partnerships with business and local companies in the area. For international students who may experience transportation challenges, it’s relatively possible to get a job on-campus by applying on a job portal created by TUM employment and human resources departments.

One last tip I want to add is that if you have tried all avenues, and none has worked, then considering taking out a loan may just be an option. I’m quite reluctant about this option or even sharing it, however, I know sometimes students just do not have too many options. As such, having a connection for loans could just be life-saving for them. Do not be geared into getting into debt if you have the opportunity of applying for scholarships or in the very least, a work-study position! If you must get a loan, do consider getting one from the very start of your program, as it’s better to reconsider your options for high education.


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