A woman who claims she was engaged to a ghost has revealed that she called off the wedding, after her spirit fiancé changed during a holiday in Thailand.

Amethyst Realm, 32, met the love of her life, a spirit called Ray, during a trip to Australia in 2018, after claiming to have had several sexual encounters with ghosts over the years.

The pair had planned to get married and have a baby, but Amethyst revealed that she’s called off the big day, after a disastrous holiday last May, where she suspected her fiancé of ‘drinking and doing drugs’.

After falling into he wrong crowd of spirits, he would bring back various unknown ghosts into their hotel room, and eventually she had to resort to kicking him out of their house by cleansing her home with sage.

“We’ve called the wedding off. It was going really well until we went on holiday and that was last May, and he just completely changed.

“I think he fell in with a bad crowd while on holiday, he would disappear for long periods of time and bring back other spirits to the house, and yeah he just changed,” she said.

‘I think maybe he started doing drugs and partying a bit much. These spirits would stay for days, there would be crashing and banging and strange noises,” she added.

Not willing to let their relationship go, Amethyst tried talking some sense into Ray, but after he proved himself unable to change, she kicked him out the house with a sage cleanse.

“I tried to talk to him. And I gave him once chance after another and he just didn’t change. In the end, I did sage cleansing, I just had to get rid of him in the way I would any other spirit,” she said.

Ray and Amethyst had planned to wed at Wookey Hole caves in Somerset, and she explained that both her and Ray’s family were heartbroken by the news the engagement was off.

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