Teachers Service Commission(TSC) is set to axe more than thirty teacher from its registry and account over sexual harassment on learners.

According to a document circulated in the newsrooms, TSC recommended expulsion of the named teachers that were served with termination notices between September 14 and 25, 2020.

In the document from TSC, Douglas Shibira, Namu Njoka, Stephen Munyi, Oscar Obonyo, Barawa Sanga, Anthony Onyango, Simon Kama and, Peter Githu, Wafula Nyongesa, Joel Nyakwara, Philip Langat, David Langat, Samuel Namuye, William Orata, Nicanor Yego, Leonard Kipkosgei, Patrick Nyangau among others had been terminated from active service.

The accused teachers all have a case written against their names as evidence of the act they might have caused.

In 2018, the Teachers Service Commission accused teachers in private schools of perpetuating sexual harassment of students.

TSC acts in accordance to Article 237 of the Constitution, which mandates the commission to carry out all teacher management functions including registration of qualified teachers, maintenance of teaching standards and safeguarding professionalism in the teaching service.

In 2016, a United Nations agency raised a red flag of sexual harassment of learners aged 13 to 17 by teachers.

Unesco said teachers were reported to be perpetrators of sexual harassment with an average of 39 per cent of school principals stating that teacher-pupil harassment had occurred in their schools.

The global education monitoring report indicated that 40 per cent of school principals reported pupil-pupil sexual harassment in their schools.

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