(KDRTV) – Police in Kakamega are investigating an incident in which a woman was thoroughly beaten for allegedly poisoning her neighbour’s chicken.

Witnesses say the neighbour was infuriated when she found her bird dead shortly after it had been spotted in the victim’s compound. It is claimed the woman could have poisoned the chicken for trespassing.

The owner of the chicken soon mobilised her children to attack the woman, injuring her badly.

“Ndugu yangu mdogo alipata kuku hapa akaipeleka kwa jirani, vile aliipeleka huyo mama akasema mama yangu mdogo ameiwekea sumu. Akatoka na kisirani akaambia watoto wake wote wakuje na marungu ndio wakaanza kumchapa,” a witness said.

The incident was recorded in a video which has gone viral on social media.

The victim was saved from the beating by other neighbours who rushed her to Kakamega Referral Hospital for treatment. However, the woman’s husband has claimed that his wife poisoned no chicken. He said those who beat her had been hatching a plot to injure his wife for malicious reasons.

“Hii iilikua ni mpango walikua nayo ya kumchapa bibi yangu na wametekeleza. Mimi sirudi nyuma hadi sheria ifanyike,” said Harron Incheu, her husband.

Kakamega has a reputation for weird incidents involving chicken. Last year, a baby allegedly died in Malava after being frighten by a chicken.


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