Ruth Matete made waves when she posted a long-winded message castigating them for their hypocrisy.

She pointed out that her pastor and church friends who did nothing to help her when she was going through the investigations involving the death of her husband, Beloved John Apewajoye.

However, in a tweet, the Atheist movement has now officially invited  Ruth Matete to join them.

“We have read reports that RUTH MATETE is tired of Christianity, @harrisonmumia has invited Ruth to join our Society. We feel that her skepticism of religious faith will lead her to eventually become an atheist” He tweetd




On Saturday, September 19 she denounced Christianity through a long Facebook post. The musician who was a minister of God’s word before the demise of her husband called out Christians for their hypocrisy.




Ruth Matete went ahead to say God is neither a Christian nor religious. She also condemned her friends for turning their backs on her at her lowest moments.

Here is the link to her Facebook post:

Can we talk? I know this will land me in trouble with the Religious people but hey! So now, some of you have some weird…




Posted by Pst Ruth Matete on Saturday, September 19, 2020

She says that many of her Christian friends including pastors are fake individuals who accused her if killing her Nigerian husband Pastor John Olakami Apewajoye and did not call or text her to offer their condolences and words of comfort.

Ruth said that the accusations and nasty things coming from her close friends and men of God deeply hurt her.




“If there is something that hurt that time is when pastors I have ministered in their churches left me. In fact some of them came up with prophecies during their live broadcasts saying that God showed them I would go to jail and that I was guilty,” she wrote.

“If you are for me, act like it. If you are not, act like it. Stay in your lane. Do not come to my inbox. I will blast you! I will screenshot it and post it here. I am done with fake people and with religion,” she said.

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