(KDRTV) – ODM leader Raila Odinga has urged President Uhuru Kenyatta to make wide consultations before making a decision of Chief Justice David Maraga’s advisory to dissolve parliament over the two-thirds gender rule.

The former Prime Minister said Maraga’s advisory ‘has placed the country and the people of Kenya in a precarious constitutional and political position that will require careful deliberation before any decision is made.’

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According to the African Union (AU) envoy, dissolving parliament will have far-reaching consequences to the country and its people.

“I appeal to the President to consult as widely as possible before taking any action on this matter and ensure that the overall interests of the people is served by any action he finally decides to take,” he said.

The ODM boss insisted on the need for the country to come to develop a consensus on the critical issue or risk throwing away the baby and the bathwater.

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Whereas the CJ advised President Uhuru to dissolve parliament over the two-third gender rule, Raila said it is not clear how the move will solve the gender question.

“It remains unclear how the dissolution of Parliament would resolve the problem,” Raila said.

The former PM joins thousands of Kenyans who have weight in on Maraga’s advisory. Interestingly, great legal minds have disagreed on whether the President is legally bound to follow CJ’s advice.

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