Muranga Woman only identified as Eunice Njeri has claimed that she has been having an intimate relationship with Othutol Othuol over the years and that Othuol knowingly infected her with HIV/AIDS.

Njeri now wants the family of Othuol Othuol to share with her part of the wealth which she claims she will use to treate herself or she will sue all the family members

“I have to be given the wealth that I deserve, otherwise how will i treat myself with this deadly disease?” Njeri Asked

The Churchill Show comedian died on Sunday after a long struggle with a brain tumor but during the period all the women did not come for her and they are now claiming part of the wealth.




Othuol died at Kenyatta National Hospital in Nairobi, where he had been receiving treatment for the past two weeks.

The comedian has been in and out of hospital since last year and once sought support from the public in dealing with an undisclosed sickness and depression.




He was diagnosed with tuberculosis about 10 months ago and was admitted to KNH and discharged after six months.

In June, Othuol was rushed to Kitengela Hospital after fainting at home and was later taken to KNH, treated and discharged.

He was readmitted about two weeks ago but it was not clear what he was suffering from. Some reports indicated that he had a brain tumor.

Besides his comedy, Othuol featured on Aunty Boss, a popular NTV show, and a number of Luo comedy films.




“The four of us ‘hustled’ to the extent that we shared a house to save money. His death has hit me hard because we have walked this comedy journey together [sic],” Mr Omondi told the Nation.

Eddie Butita, who also worked with Othuol, said he did his best, while Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris wrote, “A sad evening for the Kenyan comic industry. Shine on your way, Othuol.”




Some artists did not shy away from pointing out that some of Othuol’s friends abandoned him when he needed their help.

Tumbili, a close friend of Othuol’s, said via Twitter that “the way they never believed when you needed help is the same way they won’t believe you are gone”.

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