The president of supreme David Kenani Maraga surprised the nation yesterday after advising the president to dissolve the parliament. Many Kenyans did not see such a move coming from Maraga, neither to they know what happens after that since the constitution of Kenya is silent on the same issue.

Kenyans gave their views on the matter with many saying that it was political for Maraga to call the president to dissolve the parliament.

The case is not any different for Suba South and also Orange Democratic Movement party chairman John Mbadi, he has responded after chief justice David Kenani Maraga call wanting President Uhuru Kenyatta to dissolve the parliament.

Reports from Tv47 Kenya shows that the legislator shot CJ Maraga’s call to the president saying that, “The people of Suba South who has more than 50% of women voters voted me instead of a lady, what the people of Suba South are saying is that they do not mind be represented by a man. The constitution is telling people to elect a woman.”




John Mbadi claimed that the people of Suba South are saying that they are satisfied with his leadership instead of a lady. According to Mbadi the Maraga’s call to the president even though it is constitutional is not best for him.

Mbadi went ahead saying that what should be followed is not whether a lady or man claiming that any gender can deliver for people of Kenya.




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