Keroche CEO Tabitha Karanja on Thursday, August 27, finally spoke out after the death of her daughter Tecra Muigai in Lamu.

Marking 100 days since they laid her last-born child to rest, the business magnate disclosed that the death had left her heartbroken and wounded.

“People say to give it time. But the truth is that time changes nothing. What has changed is my eyes have been opened to more truths,” she stated.

She reminisced on her years with Tecra, describing her as a child with insatiable curiosity, noting that she was a confidant in personal and business matters.

“Through the years I benefitted from her outlook of the world. She became my sounding board in my very private life and my public life as an entrepreneur. I dearly miss her counsel and company,” Karanja added.

The Keroche head referenced the messages she had received from friends all over the world who had interacted with her daughter

“I’ve heard from friends in 20 countries whose lives Tecra touched and inspired. Her life proves what differentiates people is opportunity.

“Thank you all for prayers that helped ease our pain. For those in a similar place, I pray for the grace to live and grieve at the same time,” she added.

The loss of a child is a particularly traumatic experience for any parent as Snaida Ayub, a psychologist and counsellor said.

“Different people undergo different stages of grief. They may have been through shock and denial, pain and guilt, anger and bargaining phases.

“Some couples may be depressed but with time, they will work through it and accept that it happened. Then they will be stronger and will use the incident as a source of strength for themselves,” the counsellor explained.

Since the news of Tecra’s death hit the headlines, a number of developments ensued including the arrest of her boyfriend Omar Lali who was charged after claims that he allegedly pushed her down a flight of stairs.

However, The Office of the Director of Public Prosecutions, on Thursday, July 16, applied to terminate court proceedings against him.

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