The number of Kenyan workers stranded in the gulf swells to over 250 in a growing list. They were never evacuated by the government after commercial flights were halted due to covid-19 break out.

The Kenyan embassy in UAE has gone mute on these stranded Kenyans. Some of them have been kicked out by their employers and some from their apartments with their travel documents taken from them.

Led by one Alex who wrote to blogger @CisNyakundi, these good Kenyans are calling on the government and relevant lobby groups to come to help them get repatriated back home. Kenyan embassy in the UAE has not responded in weeks.

Poor nations like Philippines have managed to fly back their citizens from the gulf nations, including undocumented citizens.

Many Kenyan workers in Dubai lost their jobs due to the covid-19 pandemic and are in a hard situation. They have no money for food and accommodation because company benefits have been withdrawn.

Some Kenyans in the gulf have expired visas and only surviving under amnesty.

Back home, the would be lobby groups like COTU led by Mzee Francis Atwoli is drowning in succession politics despite the covid -19 pandemic that has shut schools and economies.

The regime is busy running a purge in the ruling party and both politics of betrayal and succession.

These stranded Kenyans have gone steps and appealed to politicians for help, all have gone mute except the former Kiambu governor William Kabogo who has promised to help.

Government has not announced the dates when the flights to the gulf would resume despite the world going through a gradual reopening. Kenyan Ministry of Education has directed universities to reopen in September.

Without money and hopes of when commercial flights in that route will resume, these stranded Kenyans are hoping that the government will come to their rescue immediately.


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