Trouble may be brewing in Jowie Irungu and his lover Elleanor Musangi’s new relationship if the latest activities on their respective Instagram accounts are anything to go by. Our Blog has learned the two lovebirds have unfollowed each other on Instagram with reasons best known to themselves. 

That is not all, the two also wiped each other’s photos from their Instagram accounts, raising alarm on their new romance. It is not yet clear when or why the two unfollowed each other but judging by the history surrounding unfollows and deletes, all may not be well between them.

Jowie’s last photo post on his Instagram account on Tuesday, September 22, also hinted he is not in a good place. The young lad shared a photo of himself looking all stressed followed by the caption;

”Though unsteady, Lord you still Love me.” Not many people have noticed the aforementioned but the few who have are still trying to understand why. 




This comes barely two months after the couple came out and inspired many with their story. Although very little is known about Ella, Tuko unmasked who the beauty is and how she met the love of her life, Jowie.

In an exclusive interview with Tuko the pretty lady disclosed she met Jowie through divine intervention, and that Jowie is her man for life because their relationship is not made from this world.




“This is my man for life. I am not even telling you. I know this is my man for life for our relationship is not made from this world and that is why I speak with courage. I met Jowie through divine intervention,” she said. 

According to Ella who is a professional model, her life lessons helped her to take in Jowie and cover him. She said she did not see Jowie as the person many people perceived him to be.




“There was a time I was rising very high in my career. I am a professional model and God had to break me to be able to see myself, to be able to see the world, and to be able to understand his purpose for my life.

Actually it was from that point that when I met Jowie, I was able to take him and to cover him without having to see that other side that everyone was seeing,” said Ella. The two seemed so perfect as Ella even became Jowie’s manager when he launched his music career.

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