One Kenyan man has publicly come out to ask for Nairobi Woman Representative Esther Passaris nudes.

The man who is seemingly frustrated with the corrupt Kenyan governance stated that since the Woman Rep hasn’t delivered nothing while in office, her nudes will make him happy.

The man using a username Geography made the statement while commenting on pictures Passaris posted while recuperating in India.

“Siku moja drop ndethes kutushukuru sisi voters bana since you deliver nothing in the office,” wrote twitter user.

The pictures posted by the vocal leader caused mixed reactions among his young followers, many complementing on her, how beautiful and sexy she is.

“Can I cast my vote on your ballot box? Mi ata sikukupigia kura mi naweza ata kupigia opponents mangumi,” said Guru Voke.

“Waswahili wanasema “muwa (sugarcane) kila ukikaa sana ndio wazidi kuwa mtamu” 😉,” one Khalid Joho thirsted on the MP

“Ungekuwa dem hizi streets hatungekaa na amani😄 lakini Mungu ni nani!,” Gene commented.

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