The High Court in Nairobi, on Wednesday, September 23, dealt a blow to the Nation Media Group’s NTV in the Covid-19 Millionaires investigation.

In the ruling, the broadcaster was ordered to pull down the story from all it’s social media handles pending the hearing of a libel case by Megascope Ltd against the broadcaster.

In its suit, the company, which was one of the firms mentioned in the report, claimed that the investigative piece failed to provide proof that Megascope stole Covid-19 kits donated by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma.

In a past interview, Megascope CEO Richard Ngatia criticised Denis Okari, the author of the report, for relying on statements from National Action Against Corruption Director Gordwins Agutu, whom he termed as untrustworthy.

“Its very bad how NTV associated with the fellow to destroy people’s businesses. The matter is already in court and you’ll come to know about it soon,” Ngatia spoke.

Our attempts to get a reaction from the Nation Media Group were unsuccessful by the time of publication.

In the NTV report, the complainant was mentioned among the companies that were appointed by the Kenya Medical Supplies Authority (KEMSA), to clear medical supplies donated by Chinese billionaire Jack Ma at JKIA, some of which were said to have disappeared after being cleared

The Kenyan media has in the past found itself at loggerheads with the state or powerful businessmen.

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