(KDRTV)-At least 27 individuals have been confirmed dead and about 2, 500 have been wounded after a huge explosion in Beirut in Lebanon.

The Lebanese government are yet to establish the cause of the massive explosion in Beirut

However, director of Security General, Major General Abbas Ibrahim told Lebanese media that the most likely cause of the blast was a depot at the port where highly explosive materials had been stored after being confiscated

The director of security has also been quoted saying that nitrate was the cause of the explosion

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At the same time, Major General Abbas Ibrahim refuted reports that Isreal was responsible for the blast and an Israeli minister spoke to Reuters and said that the country had nothing to do with the blast, however, he said that explosion could be due to fire incident

So far, KDRTV understands that hospitals in Lebanon are overwhelmed and some of them are turning away injured people

The Lebanon authorities thus called upon medics to volunteer at the  “nearest place you can get to”

Lebanon Prime Minister has announced that tomorrow will be a national mourning day.

Various countries have pledged to support Lebanon during these hard times and they include Iran, France, Cyprus, and the EU.


The explosion was massive such that it could be felt 240 km away; Cyprus which is located 240 km away from the scene reported to have felt the explosion.

According to Reuters News Agency, a resident in capital Nicosia, Cyprus said that his house shook

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