Today I woke up thinking about my blog, I wondered why I stopped writing. I wondered if I got too busy or I simply forgot about the things I used to love.

I spend every other day writing; from proposals, concepts, press releases to white papers, and yet here we are. Anyway, how are you? I feel that I should be congratulating you, if you are reading this then you made it! 2020 has not been easy for most of us. The fact that you are in good health, a roof on your head, friends, and a family that love you plus even some free time to browse my blog; you are way more blessed than you can imagine. So here’s to you, Congratulations!!

On that note, allow me to send you some good vibes. Lately have been on that sun, sand, and beach vibes.

Kaftan from Mumbian +254 716 288591 Location Movenpick


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